AC Green on The Gamer Hour

A.C. Green

A.C. Green, known as the NBA’s Iron Man, spent 16 seasons in the NBA, and won three championships with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Having played in 1,192 straight games, A.C. is the only player in Laker history to win championships in both the “Fabulous” Forum and Staples Center.

Outside of basketball, A.C.’s heart is dedicated to working with youth. In 1989, he established the A.C. Green Youth Foundation with the mission of helping young people build self-esteem and character, while teaching them moral and ethical principles which will help them make responsible decisions. A.C. was officially recognized as a role model to youth on October 26, 1999 by President George Bush and the U.S. House of Representatives.

In addition to his commitment to youth, A.C. is also a business consultant and lecturer. He makes speaking appearances around the world, such as in China, India, Mexico, Korea, Malaysia, and the Philippines. He has also appeared on numerous television and radio programs.

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