Herman Li on The Gamer Hour

Herman Li

Herman Li is the co-founder and world-famous guitarist for DragonForce, which is internationally known as one of the fastest metal bands of all time. As a nod to their passion for all things video-game related, the band frequently incorporates retro game sounds and melodies into their recordings and live shows. DragonForce’s energetic and humorous live performances have won them fans on every continent.

Music by DragonForce is featured in 10 different video games, including Guitar Hero – Warriors of Rock, Guitar Hero – Greatest Hits, Rockband VR, Rocksmith, Clone Hero, Audica, and Guitar Hero 3 – Legends of Rock. Herman is best known for the RIAA Certified Platinum Single “Through the Fire and Flames” which is the most challenging song on Guitar Hero 3.

Herman streams regularly on Twitch, humbly showing off his world-class electric guitar skills. Want a taste? Click HERE to see his recent cover of Doom 1 – Intermission!

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